Four Brothers Roofing


I worked with this small business to create a simple and masculine, but modern, identity that formally established this long time running roofing company in the local and regional industry. Time was spent researching industry trends and the goal was to create an identity that was familiar and tangible, while establishing an individual identity for Four Brothers.

Healthy Perry


While working with the Perry County Medical Center, I created a logo for the launch of their initiative, “Healthy Perry.” Funded by a state grant, this program serves as a community outreach initiative that educates and encourages families to be more active and to make healthy choices.

Golden Harvest


Created for Golden Harvest Financial Services in Cleveland, MS, this logo presented with a few challenges. Originally “Golden Bayou”, the business changed namesĀ  half way through the design process. After several iterations, we arrived at an identity that subtly incorporated elements of the region that tied in with the brand idea; sound and reliable, this logo was created to be used on a wide variety of components such as: business suite, in-office video screens, promotional merchandise, and signage.